5 easy steps for reducing harmful Microfibres in your next laundry wash

Recent studies have shown that all clothes can release up to thousands of microfibres with a single load of laundry.


5 easy steps to reduce microfibres when doing your laundry


  1. Wash clothes and other washables less often. (Also saves water and reduces your carbon footprint).
  2. Buy fewer clothes, and less synthetic clothes, as these are the primary source of microplastic fibres entering our oceans every year.
  3. Use less water and not above 30°in your washing machine cycle, the more water, the more chance the microfibres have of releasing. (Gentle washing machine cycles can use excessive amounts of water if not adjusted). 
  4. Use a laundry wash bag or delicates bag to reduce rubbing and breaking of fibres. 
  5. Always empty lint and fluff by putting it in the rubbish bin.                                                        evebamboo.com.au